Please join us on Sunday Morning's at 9:30am for worship services, Sunday Night at 5:00 for Evening worship and Wednesday Night at 7:00pm for classes of all ages.

VBS/Gospel Meeting June 25th - 30th

Please join us for our VBS/Gospel Meeting June 25th - June 30th!

Vacation Bible School classes are available for ages 2 - 8th grade.  The classes will center on the theme "Jouneys for Jesus" - Paul's Missionary Journeys and will run Monday through Friday at 7:00 p.m.

Edwin Crozier will hold a Gospel Meeting in the auditorium. Brother Crozier will also speak on Sunday (note, there are no VBS classes on Sunday). His lesson series is titled "Characteristics of a Disciple" and his lesson titles and schedule are as follows:

Sunday 9:30 AM - I'm Just a Branch

Sunday 5:00 PM - I'm a Disciple

Monday 7:00 PM - A Disciple Honors God

Tuesday 7:00 PM - A Disciple Learns From God

Wednesday 7:00 PM - A Disciple Loves Like God

Thursday 7:00 PM - A Disciple Leads Others To God

Friday - 7:00 PM -  A Disciple Abides In God's Word